Pallet racking is one of most widely use type of warehouse equipment in every industry. It allows to solve plenty of issues in warehouse logistics. When the immediate access to any cell is required, racking makes it possible on every warehousing level and section. The construction of racks is easy to install, disassemble and reconfigure.

A conventional or wide span pallet rack is an efficient and economical solution, eliminating the need in shelves, which makes is a cheaper investment. The good on pallets can be loaded on many levels independently without stacking on each other. This type of racking provides direct access to any cell and increase the volume of storing by 40-50 % compared to stacking. Except pallets the reels, boxes, tires, barrels and sheets can also be loaded on the beams of a pallet rack.

 There are also different modifications and technological improvements of pallet warehouse solutions provided by IMVO. If the rack capacity is more important than the goods turnover and direct access, the Drive-in or mobile pallet racks can be used, which reduce the number of aisles between racks and therefore provide free area for new racks to be installed. If the capacity is as well important as the goods warehousing period, the Drive-through racks and Pallet flow racks can be applied.


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