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Cantilever rack — is a specialized warehouse solution, designed for steel reinforcement, profile pipes, reels, long parts for cars or industrial vehicles, wooden materials, metal sheets, chipboard etc handling. The structural feature lays in lack of frontal uprights like ones in a pallet racks or shelving. Therefore there is no section width, which limits the dimensions of the goods, there's just the the width between the arms and the width of the rack itself.

The IMVOs' cantilever rack structure is very simple: base, which is connected with the upright, which is connected with other uprights by horizontal and X-bracing. The goods are loaded on the arms, mounted to the upright. The cantilever rack can be one sided and double-sided. Accordingly, the load is double on a double-sided rack, however its stability is higher because of better symmetric weight distribution and wider base. The base of the cantilever rack determines its dimensions because it cannot be shorter than the arms. For safe handling and rack stability the goods are placed on the base first, and then on the arms starting from lower levels to the top.


 For choosing the best option of the cantilever rack the following data is required:

• height from the floor to hinged elements of the ceiling lamps, fire signalization and sprinklers);

• profile and length of the goods;

• load capacity per one arm;

• goods' stiffness (sagging);

• level height etc.  


According to this data, we estimate the size of the rack, upright profile, base dimensions, arms angle and additional accessories. There can be different limiters installed on the arms to prevent goods from rolling or sliding down and to insure goods from accidental damage by a loader. For different type and weight goods, the light duty racks, middle and heavy duty and mobile cantilever racks can be applied.


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